United we stand

by rojo, Saturday, July 18, 2020, 15:31 (188 days ago)

United we stand, divided we die. This handling or non handling of this damn virus is not going to work the way we are doing it. A town like Zihua can not do it divided from the rest of the country, the whole country has get their crap in order. I think the only way to get the virus under control or beat it, is to shut everything down except the bare essentials for a couple of weeks. Everyone has to stay at home, wear masks if you have to go out and keep safe distance from others. The half assed way we are doing it, we will be in the same position as we are or worse if we carry on as we are now. The tourists that support this town has to be stopped for awhile so we have a chance to get back to normal. There are too many people and businesses hurting and what we are doing will only prolong the pain.
This thing about many people not taking the proper precautions because it is their right and freedom is BS, you have all the rights and freedom until it dangerously affects others. Are we too ignorant of the devastation this virus has and is affecting so many in this town, state, country and world

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