United we stand

by nicatnit, Sunday, July 19, 2020, 10:44 (193 days ago) @ jaui

Rojo you make a good point. In the sharply divided US the lack of unity on Covid where politics has permeated a health crisis, the lack of collective action (wearing masks to prevent transmission and social distancing) based on politics or carelessness, will prolong the Covid 19 crisis until a vaccine or Herd Immunity is achieved. Luckily the US has vast resources which help keep the death count down, Mexico is not as fortunate. Here is the heartland we don’t see the severe problems that the sunbelt is experiencing, however most people finally wear masks in public and businesses require their use. We have more space than many areas and that really helps. Like many on this board I long for the time when I can return to paradise, however long that may be.

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