El Fin del Fin de Semana en Zih

by mosesk @, Ojai, CA, USA, Monday, July 20, 2020, 14:48 (19 days ago) @ ZihuaRob


Zihuatanejo has 327 confirmed total cases of Covid-19, 56 of which are currently confirmed as active, 181 of which have recovered, and 45 confirmed deaths from the virus.

For people who have symptoms of Covid-19, this week the federal government will be setting up numerous módulos for free testing in Zihuatanejo, La Unión and Petatlán, but only for people presenting symptoms. There are not enough resources for random testing or testing on demand. This is being done to try to help Guerrero identify and trace virus carriers now that the virus is being spread throughout the community.

The weekend warriors seem to have vanished. It's scary watching some of these folks get in their vehicles and drive away after all the alcohol they consume during the day. One more reason not to drive after dark here, especially on a weekend.

While it is certainly warm and humid, I love the summer weather. Especially once the sun sets. There was a nice breeze last evening that kept us quite comfortable on our azotea while we listed to music and relaxed. Tried listening to our own music, but we finally gave up and listened to the music from a nearby not-so-clandestine bar where it sounded like a group from Tierra Caliente was playing. Not exactly tropical music, but they were certainly good in spite of the off-key drunks trying to sing along. We might get some rain later today or tomorrow. Oh boy!

Saw a group of tourists arriving to the pier this morning. Only one person in the group of about ten was wearing a facemask. Almost everyone else on the pier including captains and their workers were wearing facemasks as well as most of the people we saw out walking.

Fishermen coming and going.

Rob- In the situation you're describing does it make any sense for the captains or some "official" to hand out those 2 peso flimsy masks I was buying in the pharmacies when they were the only masks I could find when Covid was first being dealt with?
My naive impression is that the primary reason Mexican tourists don't wear masks is not the same as why people don't wear masks in USA. Here it seems to be part of the "rugged individualism/nobody's going to tell me what to do" syndrome.
In Mexico maybe the information hasn't penetrated, some still don't understand the reasoning or the value in donning masks.
Or simply can't be bothered.
But if offered a mask, even a flimsy one, maybe it starts a thought process which can eventually lead to real protection and concern for others?

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