Sad story about the state of part of Mexico

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Tuesday, July 21, 2020, 10:53 (178 days ago) @ Fly on the Wall

So what can Mexico do about the gun problem coming in from the US .....lobby to change the US constitution ? Realistically Mexico Is only a bystander in this issue , albeit greatly affected by it . Keep on beating your head against the wall and railing about it all being the US’s fault. I’ll go along with that but so what does Mexico do in the meantime , continue watching as the cartels become more violent and brazen ? ....more hugs and kisses from AMLO and his supporters /?

You call the man a fool for coming to Mexico , settling and starting up new ventures that employed Mexican people . The foreign owned auto industry and other manufacturers didn’t come to Mexico out of the goodness of their hearts .....boil it down to all its crassness they came to make money . When the cartels get around to squeezing them do you think they will stay ?

There's too much blatantly wrong with your comments for me to spend the time clarifying and correcting at the moment. Before anyone invests here they should know the lay of the land and how things work. Apparently the dentist didn't have a friggin clue what he was getting involved in. He expected the police to come when he called them? While armed men were present? Ha! He flaunted his wealth, got involved in things he shouldn't have, and lost a bundle. It's an old story, and I've seen it happen in the States, too, with lots of dreamy eyed people moving to Florida with their millions and getting taken by the flim-flammers there.

The auto industries and other big investors know the game and how to play it. That's why Odebrecht is STILL being investigated and why heads are still rolling. Even Walmart got their hand slapped a few years back for getting caught paying bribes. And you may want to look into Canada's mining ventures here in Guerrero and think long and hard about whether they are part of the problem or the solution or something else entirely. Lots of dead ecologistas up and down America are testament to the excesses of foreign investors.

Mexico won't legalize the recreational drug business beyond cannabis any more than the USA will at the present time because our collective societies aren't mature or wise enough, but maybe in 50 years or so they will have their collective epiphanies. Too bad we won't be alive to see what's left of our countries by then.

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