Sad story about the AMERICA'S

by midalake @, Wednesday, July 22, 2020, 15:11 (187 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

Less on the amulets and more on the science would be nice on the covid situation. Less on the hugs and visits to El Chapo’s Mum and more on security and the rule of the state instead of the cartels would be nice too

You really should've learned by now how to discern worthless propaganda from actual news. Amulets? Come on. Do we have to go over that again? I really dislike having to repeat myself. FAKE NEWS

And WOW, did you miss the entire AMLO campaign and election? Mexico is not going to continue fighting the USA's proxy war on drugs. That's one of the reasons he won the election by an overwhelming majority. Though neither Mexico nor the USA can do what needs doing and legalize or at least decriminalize popular recreational substances. One's population is too dumbed down and the other's is too indoctrinated by the Catholic church. Maybe in 50 more years.

No, AMLO didn't visit with El Chapo's mom. She delivered a letter to him as is common with our presidents receiving requests from all kinds of citizens to redress wrongs, in this case the sham trial and barbarous treatment of El Chapo by U.S. federal authorities. But good job reciting the lies AMLO's opposition wants you to believe and repeat.

The rule of law is moving along nicely. The Guardia Nacional is doing its job. Corruption is being fought. Corrupt judges are being removed. Perhaps if the opposition weren't so focused on sensationalizing phony scandals and spending every single day criticizing instead of proposing and working together, Mexico could solve some of its problems more efficaciously. But nothing we have in Mexico even comes close to the dysfunctional U.S. government with the tag team of #MoscowMitch and #BunkerBrat backed by the StormTroopers gassing pregnant moms and intentionally inciting violence while ignoring the real threats from white nationalists who we all know are big time Chump supporters. ¡Viva México!

For those you you who do not know what the "America's" is please look this up on a map!

I can not think of a LARGER issue in many portions of this land mass that are a DIRECT THREAT to all of us more than Organized Crime.

I am ready for the United States to partner with who ever wants to be rid of this VERMIN. It should be a blanket KILL THEM ALL and let GOD sort them out!:jam:

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