Everyone is Their Own Hero

by Ernie Gorrie ⌂ @, Thursday, July 23, 2020, 10:11 (186 days ago) @ cd69

There is far too much to unpack in this snip of an autobiography to comment fully. But it does remind me of something I read years ago. “Everyone is the hero in their autobiography.” Reading this piece it appears that the writer sees themself as the hero in an unfair world.

I don’t doubt that bad things happened to the writer. Neither do I doubt that there is much information that is missing. In my daily work, I deal with complaints of injustice and breaches of contracts. I don’t believe my complainant is lying, but I am not sufficiently naive to believe I am hearing the whole truth.

I don’t doubt that there are philanthropists in the world, but I also believe that self-serving capitalists will try to mask their self-interest by touting that they are “creating jobs”, or “helping the people“, or “building the economy”, etc. Those might be incidental side effects of their behaviour, but I understand that capitalism is about self-interest and that workers (creating jobs) are considered expenses to be reduced where possible.

I don’t consider myself to be above these characteristics. I have a small house in Troncones, creating some jobs, helping some people, and contributing to the economy. I don’t expect anyone to applaud me for pursuing that self-interest. (Self-disclosure: I am a bad capitalist, making a marginal profit at best in a good year. And there are not many good years.) I try to understand my community. I try to maintain good relationships. I don’t expect the police to help me out.

I have to wonder what self-interest the owners and operators of the Mexico City News are pursuing in publishing this self-serving piece, without examination or investigation. I’m quite sure that if I submitted that many words about the favourable experiences in the Mexican aspect of my modest life my efforts would immediately end up in the dust bin.

Reading this piece reminds me of an expression I heard in Mexico regarding the corporate capitalist media.

“When I look at the news I ask “Why am I being told this lie and why am I being told it today?”


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