Sad story about the AMERICA'S

by Ernie Gorrie ⌂ @, Thursday, July 23, 2020, 10:35 (186 days ago) @ midalake

Midalake wrote:

I am ready for the United States to partner with who ever wants to be rid of this VERMIN. It should be a blanket KILL THEM ALL and let GOD sort them out!:jam:

The basic operating model of the USA is consumer capitalism. As long as there is a demand for products there will be supply. The cost will be determined by supply and demand. “Price” is only one aspect of “cost”. Cost includes human lives.

The USA tried eradicating the supply decades ago by cutting off the air and maritime supply routes from South America to Florida and nearby states. Of course, the demand remained, the suppliers remained, and the alternative routes through Mexico were developed. (Canadians can be glad that the narcos chose Mexico and not Canada as the route to access the US market.)

“Kill them all”? We have seen what happens when cartels are seriously damaged. New “leaderships” fight it out for control.

“Kill them all”? Imagine the bloodbaths that would occur as new, inexperienced suppliers entered the market.

As long as the demand for drugs in the USA is there, there will be suppliers. I think that either the demand for drugs in the USA has to drop dramatically, or safe, regulated, cost-effective supplies have to be made available.

“Kill them all”? Wasn’t that the US strategy in Vietnam? We know how that worked out.


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