Covid travel

by Ironwood @, Thursday, July 23, 2020, 20:46 (188 days ago) @ D-Loco

There may be some obvious reason why anyone can fly back and forth between Canada, the US and Mexico but no one is allowed to cross either of those borders by land.....but I don't see it.

Again, you can travel into Mexico by land, I do it nearly everyday. Mexicans can travel into the USA by land if they are residents, work, school (if they ever reopen) or to take care of a family member. Basically anything 'essential'. Vacations into the USA or shopping for non-USA residents is something that is denied.

EP Crossing Cams

Here's a link to live El Paso border crossings, pedestrian and vehicle.

Understood, but if a Canadian wants to fly to the US or to Mexico for a vacation, or someone from the US wants to fly to Mexico for a vacation, no problemo. Doesn't make sense.

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