The Picante is sailing (with NEW PROTOCOLS IN PLACE)!

by sandy@picantecruises.com ⌂ @, Sunday, July 26, 2020, 12:36 (89 days ago)

⛵️Picante Fans!! ⛵️
We are excited to inform you that we are now open for activities!
Our crew has kept busy these past months educating ourselves on Covid-19 and protocols to keep everyone safe and healthy. Safety FIRST!!
*Sailing will be with NEW PROTOCOLS, at much smaller capacity and only for groups (minimum of 15 passengers/ maximum 37) until further notice- there will be sailing!

* NEW PROTOCOLS have been set into place by the health authorities to allow us to set sail safely, responsibly and preventively! As we must operate according to the law, that also means that masks will be required by all. While not everyone may agree with usage of masks- it is the law, and we know you all want us to abide by laws/keep sailing lawfully! Here are just a few of the changes:

⛵️There will be hand sanitizer at the dock as well as on board.
⛵️ Our crew will help you sit according to the size of your group, to respect the healthy distance from others and thus comply with established safety standards.
⛵️ We will ask all customers to use their masks when moving about on the boat and / or use the toilets. Once seated they will be allowed to be free of it so that they can fully enjoy sailing!

* If you would like full details of the new procedures, we will be happy to supply!
Email us at:

- Sandy

For price quotes and reservations (private charters also available!):

By email: Picante@picantecruises.com
Call the office direct, with Ana or Claire at:
Yates del Sol office: (755) 554-2694

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