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Zihuatanejo reached 599 cumulative confirmed cases of Covid-19 since the pandemia first arrived here, 57 cases resulted in death. As of last night there were still 237 cases active and 247 that have recovered. The jump in numbers is the result of testing in the colonias and especially from residents of Ixtapa who tested positive but who have not yet required hospitalization, if they ever will.

Local authorities walked the beaches yesterday removing chairs and tables and umbrellas. A reader who is staying at Casa Gloria María on La Ropa practically had her chair yanked out from under her as did people at Bungalows Vepao. For anyone elderly the beach just became less welcoming. A terrible policy to impose on the property of beachfront lodgings. It's one thing not to allow the ugly plastic chairs of Promotora de Playas, another to make places like the Hotel Catalina, Villa Mexicana, Vepao and others remove their chaise lounges from under their palapas that are for the exclusive use of their guests. There is no excuse for such a strict policy on the beachfront property of beachfront lodgings.

Lodging and restaurant operators are working hard to accommodate their clients using safe hygiene. Please let them know you appreciate their efforts by using their services. Deposits on lodging reservations are making a big difference, and from Puerto Vicente Guerrero to Troncones with the exception of Barra de Potosí lodgings are working hard to allow you to enjoy as stress-free a vacation as possible. Their livelihoods depend on it and they know it. Come back to LIFE with us.

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