2 - 4 month rental wanted by professional couple from US

by PlayaConWifi @, Friday, July 31, 2020, 13:31 (84 days ago)

Hi, I’m posting here because VRBO doesn’t show long term discounts.

We are currently renting in Cerro del Vigia and want to stay in paradise for a few more months while we find the right property to buy.

If your house or penthouse is available to rent for 2-4 months and allows a small dog (10lb) we’d be interested in hearing from you.

- House or Penthouse
- 3+ bedrooms (2 is OK)
- 2+ bathrooms
- Preferably private pool (close to shared pool is OK)
- High speed internet
- Allows 10lb small dog that doesn’t shed
- Happy to book direct or via VRBO/Airbnb


You can email me at PlayaConWifi@outlook.com

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