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As of this afternoon Zihuatanejo has accumulated a total of 679 confirmed cases of Covid-19, 57 which resulted in fatalities. As of yesterday there were 279 confirmed active cases.

I want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to Carol and her Rice & Beans program that continues feeding families who otherwise would be pawning what they still haven't pawned or selling whatever they have left to sell to try make ends meet, because many local families have had no income for the past 5 months.
Please make a donation to Carol's Rice & Beans Program

Hardly a tourist around today, but locals continue being more cooperative about wearing masks. The weak link continues being Transporte Público, and although attention has been called to this problem for weeks, the municipal government has done little more than pay lip service to having drivers and passengers comply with the mandatory use of facemasks and safe hygiene practices, especially in combis and Urvans.

Got another light dose of rain last night that made sleeping quite comfortable. But this morning the sun rose extremely bright, it seemed. Just another day of PERFECT WEATHER in paradise.

Though we remain under our Semáforo Naranja, Zihuatanejo feels like a giant slowly awakening from hibernation. Hotels and vacation lodgings continue working hard to make sure they are prepared to receive guests safely. The tourists who stay at them apparently spend much less time out and about but instead remain close to their lodging. Some are taking advantage of other services, but apart from some restaurants, some tour operators and some fishing captains there aren't a lot of services to take advantage of. But we're working on fixing that, too.

If you haven't already, please consider making reservations and sending in your deposit to local lodging operators via the links to their websites listed here.

Directory of Hotels in Zihuatanejo

Typical evening sky lately

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