by ladybug @, Barra de Potosi, Friday, July 31, 2020, 20:14 (85 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

Thanks Rob, we are hanging in there with delivering 300 food hampers per week, for some colonias the need has increased, very few have been reduced as people return to work. The at risk people that we are helping are pretty much the non permanent staff from hotels, restuarants and stores. One colonia captain didn't have cell phone credit and didn't recieve the message to pick up. We decided to gamble and deliver fruits, vegetables and eggs to some of the more at risk communities. We hope if they don't have to take a bus to get healthy food to supplement their food hampers we might stave off a few more cases. It increased the cost of the basic food hamper by 109 pesos but we hope it will pay off. People are desperate, they can't pay their power bills, they are afraid of what is to come, they have next to nothing left. We are being asked to help with medicine, power bills, gas for their stoves, shoes for their growing kids. It is hard to say no but food is more important.
Scotiabank and Amistad Canada are doing their Marathon Virtually so one of our volunteers is going to run that campaign to try and raise more funds for the Rice and Beans program.

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