Paving Paradise

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Wednesday, August 05, 2020, 17:59 (81 days ago) @ midalake

Remember Rob those who build in Zihua are helping the local economy, providing good jobs and providing a cash infusion into the local economy that exists year round, not just for a few months.

Uh huh. Except that’s a circular argument, and the end result is the same. Overbuilding, land invasions, overpopulation, and the loss forever of Zihuatanejo’s main attractions, one of which used to be its picturesque green unpopulated hills, now covered with cement, shacks, houses, condos and even villas. And somehow we can never seem to employ all the unemployed because they keep arriving. Everyone looking to suckle from the Zihuatanejo cash cow while the old locals grow less prosperous as they get shoved aside.

That was the same promise the folks who gave us Ixtapa made. They still haven’t been able to keep their promises or even to pay their debts.

And then there are folks like El Negro Durazo, Guillermo Salinas de Gortari and Emilio Lozoya.

Well there is a clear CHOICE and CLEAR COMPARISON. All one has to do is travel a short ways south to look at the deep water port of Puerto Vincente. [which I love]
It is like stepping back to the 1960's where EVERYONE does live with dirt floors and tin roofs.
To dismiss the amount of boats [people] that have been lifted by the tourism cannot be ignored. Also with in my opinion, has been a very gradual build-up of the area over a very long time period.

Maybe Rob is just better suited for Puerto Vincente?

Puerto Vicente Guerrero has grown into a nice little area were several old La Ropa castaways eventually fled to.

But I'm suited just fine for the place where my wife was born, where we met and fell in love, where we are family and friends with so many, where we have shed so much blood, sweat and tears. Where the main church bears my wife's name because her mother built and named it. This will always be hogar, dulce hogar.

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