Paving Paradise

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Thursday, August 06, 2020, 10:36 (80 days ago) @ Casa Juan

I suspect that your birth certificate shows you were not born in Mexico.

Maybe a NIMBY attitude is in conflict with your promotion of tourist facilities?

I get it that my punto de vista may cause you discomfort. It's the same opinion I've held most all my life.

We can't choose where we are born, but I've lived here more than half my life and I have no problem with my migratory status. Not sure why you feel bringing that up serves some purpose of yours. If you had a point, I missed it. I'm from a lot of places, but mostly from here. That's just the way life works. I didn't come here to take anything from the community or to change it. I simply took a risk on life, gambled on happiness and followed my heart, and this is where it led me to give my heart to an amazing person who also gave her heart to me. Somos una pareja de atrevidos.

I knew long before you did what would happen to the land on the hillsides once it was invaded, and in that section of town where you built the land thieves received quite a bit of help from non-Spanish speaking non-resident foreigners wanting to "help the children", many who got angry with me for pointing out the error they were committing by helping paracaidistas (it's in the Archives). And as predicted, as soon as those "poor" people received title to the land, many sold it to unsuspecting people like you and invaded other ecological zones to repeat the process, just like what's happened in Acapulco, and in that fashion Zihuatanejo lost and continues losing one of its principal attractions: its natural beauty and picture postcard scenic hills that the community thought it had protected for future generations by law. Corrupt people determined otherwise.

I have no conflict helping the humble hard-working and honest people in this community, my community, to make a living and hopefully to prosper. But I refuse to tolerate assh0les and corruptos.


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