Catalina refuses to refund our room deposit

by katheworsley, Thursday, August 06, 2020, 20:58 (79 days ago)

Less than a month ago I made reservations for us to stay at the Catalina Hotel from October 27-November 10. I was required to give them my VISA number so they could charge me for the first night. I never was required to do that before and we have been going there for well over 20 years.
For personal reasons that I won't go into I had to cancel our flights and our Catalina reservation. When I talked to Berniece in the Reservation department she told me I could NOT get a refund for my room deposit. She gave me some lame excuse that their reservation software did not allow that or some sort of nonsense excuse that made no sense to me. She also told me that if I knew someone coming down to the Catalina they could use my deposit and then pay me back. Huh?
In the past when things have happened and we had to cancel our reservations we never had any issues with cancelling and furthermore we were never required to put down a deposit on our room in the first place.
Has anyone else had this sort of experience? Any suggestions on what I might possibly do? Just does not seem quite right and frankly it does not pass my sniff test.

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