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In Zihuatanejo there have been a total of 882 confirmed cases so far of Covid-19, and still 66 fatalities. There are currently 230 confirmed active cases in Zihuatanejo. We may be seeing a decline in the spread and mortality of this damned virus. Now if we can just hang tight a little while until the contact tracing catches up and we can see if this thing is contained or not. Gotta say I'm hopeful seeing just how many locals are finally wearing facemasks. Hopefully the efforts by the government to place filters on the highways will bear fruit.

I consider the recent U.S. State Department's "DO NOT TRAVEL advisory" regarding Mexico, Guerrero and Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa to be 100% propaganda bullsh¡t based on nothing but The Chump's wishes being carried out by his bootlickers. The virus is much worse in the States than here, and no one is being attacked and killed for their skin color here in Mexico. We recently commemorated the one-year anniversary of a racist Chump supporter's massacre of Mexicans in El Paso. The USA just commemorated dropping atomic bombs unnecessarily on Japan. I think it's crystal clear which nation is the most dangerous for the average Earthling. Several members of my family have had to travel quite a bit recently between here and Morelia and Guanajuato and they've done so without any problems. So although I posted the recent State Department advisory, I do so under protest.

We had a bit of rain again last night. Not enough to really water the plants, but enough to smell good and bring the temps down just a few degrees. Storms should start picking up here soon.

If you want to come back to life with us but fear crowded places like downtown Zihuatanejo or the main hotel zone of Ixtapa, remember that La Ropa is sort of isolated. If you need more isolation there are places in Playa Blanca and Playa Larga as well as Puerto Vicente Guerrero and Troncones. Choose how isolated you want to be. There are nice little hideaways all up and down our coast.

Can you explain:
"efforts by the government to place filters on the highways".
Not familiar with that

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