Recalled Hand Sanitizer

by victorio, Wednesday, August 12, 2020, 00:12 (74 days ago) @ Ottawa Joe

It can be absorbed through the skin so for a hand sanitizer methanol is not a good idea as we tend to be using the stuff many times a day. With gloves on to use as a wipe down for large surfaces maybe not so bad and cheap and it evaporates quickly leaving no residue. Not an expert however I have kept a 4 litre jug around for years with no effect... Nick Nick. ;-)

Methanol should not be used to sanitize surfaces indoors. The fact that it "evaporates quick" means that it is in the air. It is probably more deadly inhaled than it is through topical absorption. In my opinion, the small amount present as an impurity in hand sanitizers should not pose a great hazard. Sure, stay away from it if you can.
I use methanol at home as fuel for my fondue pots, works great.

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