Zihua or US politics?!?!

by islandgirl @, Cowichan Valley, Wednesday, August 12, 2020, 12:16 (74 days ago) @ Paulf

I knew as soon as she was named there would be those who said she only got it because she is a woman, that she slept her way up (and your dear rapist/racist never had sex?), that it is because she is black. I just hoped that all my Zihua board friends wouldn't sink that low.
Can't you all look at her positive attributes/accomplishments/experiences without tearing her down because she is a black woman? If not, you have a really sick attitude towards women, and maybe you should stop with your nonsensical, non-factual accusations. Have you, in person, seen her in bed with the mayor or anybody else? Give me a list of every man you know and have proof that she slept with, and what tangible advantage that brought to her or keep your defamatory, libelous swill out of it.
Do you really believe all the dung you hear? Are you incapable of thinking on your own and developing you own opinion based on fact and knowledge? or are you content to "see what you want to see, hear what you want to hear" (Thanks to Harry Nilsson)? You seem to regurgitate every lie that jackass tells, and it makes you look as ridiculous and vile as he is.
What do you really think the rest of the world thinks of the US now? You think some of the other powers vying to be top dog are going to ignore what is clearly a broken state full of fools? Do you really think all your minorities that are being abused by this toad are going to stand up and fight to defend him? You're going be learning Chinese & Russian if that giant yellow toad gets reelected. They will swoop in to take advantage of a clearly very messed up country that is preoccupied with fighting with each other, dumping and crapping on each other, making life miserable for each other.
I don't often comment on your US politics because I recognize the futility of dealing with a citizenry continues to allow their country to be dragged thru the mud to the dark side, while smiling and telling the rest of the world what a great country you are. Just a big joke that turns out to be on you.

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