Zihua or US politics?!?!

by mexicoman @, Zihuatanejo, Wednesday, August 12, 2020, 12:38 (75 days ago) @ Paulf

In the Primary, it was brought out about her and the Mayor of SF and their affair with him appointing her to the different Boards. The candidate from Hawaii really tore into her at one of the debates after her episode with Biden- Harris had no come back when she was torn into. The rumor now is, they are going after her for many feel Biden won't last 4 years and people do not want her to move up. Just wait, it is going to get down and nasty on both sides. I love reading the gossip for much of it is true. This Board is going to light up like firecrackers.

When Willie Brown was a State Assemblyman he appointed her to a couple of state boards. Not mayor of SF - facts Paul. They were dating at the time. Back then Willie had been separated from his wife for quite a while. The big joke in SF was that Willie would show up at parties with his wife on one arm and his current girlfriend on the other as their were many. Maybe at bit too progressive for your Ohio
Valley upbringing.

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