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by jay @, Friday, August 14, 2020, 17:36 (66 days ago) @ Paulf
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You know me well enough that I try to keep it civil, although sometimes I have to take a few deep breaths.

As for Kamala Harris, Biden's choice of her is not going to influence any conservatives who aren't already contemptuous of him and already committed to Trump. So they won't lose any votes there. And she'll greatly energize Democrats, so she'll be a net plus for that ticket. She's already working the swing states more than Hilary did, one of Hilary's biggest mistakes.

I haven't yet made any predictions about the election on this board, but I'll say this: There is no path to victory for Trump unless he cheats, and probably massively. He's already doing that, and admitting it. My question is: Can you support Trump when he is openly trying to steal the election? Can you support someone who has so much contempt for democracy?

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