Zihua or US politics?!?!

by Ironwood @, Saturday, August 15, 2020, 13:27 (74 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

I got my wish: I stirred up a hornet's nest'. I love pulling the chain on the Liberals who try to shut out views other than their own. Just like a lot of the college campus where the students do not want to hear another view that may be different than theirs. Our society is based on exchange of ideas- all views should be able to be heard with out name calling. Oh by the way, I don't just look at who is going to be elected President but the policies and people that will be brought in. Because of ideas, in most cases I have liked the Judges Trump nominated and McConnell got through thanks to Harry Reid changing the system to get Obama's nominee's through (he was told it would happen if the Democrats lost the Senate).

So you are a hater.

And you support a lying racist misogynist traitor using the office for personal benefit. The ideas you claim to support are abhorrent, Paul. You once swore an oath to the Constitution yet you support a wannabe authoritarian oligarch with no respect for the Constitution, the laws, custom or decency. That is not opinion or a liberal view. It is a disgraceful fact that you should be ashamed of.

:megusta: ....which raises another issue: whether it is possible to "respect" someone who holds political views that one considers to be not just unpalatable, but abhorrent, or who supports and enables politicians one finds repulsive. Who could continue to respect and befriend anyone who believed in anything that QAnon espouses? How can there possibly be "a fair exchange of ideas" with Trump supporters/enablers?

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