Interpreting Numbers

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Saturday, September 05, 2020, 10:06 (24 days ago) @ nicatnit

It’s hard to make sense of any of the numbers. You state the number is the US at 190,000 is low. How can you possibly know? The Covid-19 coding in hospitals comes with a financial incentive in the US, so an argument can be made that the number of deaths is overstated. Also, people can and do die everyday in nursing homes of many many other causes, but right now Covid has become the go to cause of death. But what is the point of arguing about the numbers. To me the numbers are all about politics and proving how bad the response is, whether it be the US or Mexico or any other country for that matter.
The truth is there is no way to know what these numbers mean, but what matters is reducing the spread of the virus while we wait for vaccines to become available.

Nick, the numbers can inform us of trends and tendencies. Each time there is a wave of contagion it can often be traced to irresponsible people, Covidiots, like the movement of your fellow Chump supporters declaring defiance to wearing masks, for example.

Whether there have been a thousand or three thousand infections in Zihuatanejo is not as important as what the rate of infection or the rate of transmission is over a two-week period, which seems to be the general incubation period of the virus.

When most people wear facemasks and practice safe sanitary measures (i.e. social distancing, handwashing, not touching objects others might touch then touching their face etc.) the tendencies have been for the transmission of the virus to go down. Getting the transfer rate below one is basically the definition of getting the virus under control. When for two-week periods at a time the rate of infection falls, it generally means we're on the right path. When hospitals are no longer overwhelmed or even very busy with Covid-19 patients but instead have more and more beds and respirators freed up, it suggests the virus is being contained. Those are some of the things the numbers can tell us that apparently none of my critics were able to explain to me when challenged to do so.

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