FINALLY!!! Plus, a FREE book giveaway for "ZIHUATANEJO!"

by Padrino ⌂ @, San Diego, California USA, Monday, September 07, 2020, 23:57 (177 days ago) @ Eric Bullard

Dear Eric,

Just finished your book and added a review on Amazon. Thank you so very much for the opportunity. You are an indeed a fearless individual!

For me, it was so enjoyable as I simply adore Zihuatanejo and especially the Playa la Madera area including Calle Adelita. You were brave to go there without first learning the language. Fortunate to live and work in the South Bay of San Diego, very close to the border with Tijuana, with Spanish all around me, I spent years practicing and studying before traveling alone through Mexico. You were so brave to move there before knowing any Spanish beyond, "Buenos dias!"

No need to give away any spoilers but your adventures after becoming one of the locals brought much laughter, broke my heart, and scared me to death.

Best of luck and success to you in the future. No doubt there are many more stories for you to tell!


Frank Paiano
San Diego, California USA

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