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by Ironwood @, Thursday, September 10, 2020, 14:41 (18 days ago) @ Cathy in SF

I recently came across a population figure for Troncones, and I keep wondering how it was calculated. Only full time residents, some or all of the beachfront property owners? It would actually be interesting to have figures for both.

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Here are a few recent posts that, (as Rob pointedly pointed out, ignoring my proviso about the numbers being approximate) are apparently a tad outdated:

Hola! Would you know recent populations of the communities of Zihua, Troncones and Barra de Potosi. Or can you send me in the right direction please. Gracias

Google's your friend.....however approximate:

Zihua...."approximately 120,000" (probably includes the entire municipality, not just Zihua proper)


Barra de Potosi....396

Those are outdated data from the last census ten years ago, but thanks.

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