Carol's Rice and Beans Program Update

by ladybug @, Barra de Potosi, Tuesday, September 15, 2020, 21:14 (14 days ago)

We have been delivering 300 food hampers per week for almost 6 months now. The food lasts two weeks for a family of 4. We thought with the state going to level yellow we would soon be able to wind it down. We were wrong.
As we are an educational based foundation and our 30 scholarship students were all going to have to study online a long with the rest of the state. We felt we had to help those students who didn't have a computer. Hard to do your lessons by cell phone but many are. Computers were hard to find and got very expensive quickly. We installed internet in family homes and then neighbouring students could sit outside and use the internet. We put printers in similar locations because students were asked to print off reams of lessons. Students who barely had food never mind funds to print anything even at 2 pesos a page and then we went back to level orange.
One of our generous sponsors has offered to match donations to $5,000. USD to replace the funds we spent on computers, printers etc. so we can extend the food program. Not sure about you but but this is getting old and we have enough to eat unlike many of the people we are trying to help. Donations to are tax deductible in Canada, the USA and Canada via Amistad Canada.

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