WestJet and AeroMexico Flights

by Ernie Gorrie ⌂ @, Friday, September 18, 2020, 10:03 (40 days ago)

This is a bit of a rant.. a mild rant... I’m Canadian, eh. :)

Tl:dnr... AeroMexico seems to be preferable to WestJet now.

I had planned to be in Troncones last April-May,, then WestJet cancelled my flights. OK, things were pretty unsettled then. There was probably some regulatory reason for it.

WestJet set their winter schedule and in June I booked on the first flight south, October 31. Last Sunday, WestJet sent me an email saying that my flight was cancelled, with no explanation, and no alternative. They didn’t cancel their season, they just delayed the start by a week. There is no regulatory restriction. I assume that they just decided there was a more profitable use for their resources.

(To add insult to injury, although it was WestJet who cancelled my reservation, they are only giving me future flight credits.)

I considered rebooking for a week later and looked for a departure from Vancouver. I found flights that were code-share with AeroMexico. The costs were higher, but it would get me there on October 29 and back in December.

Then I checked the AeroMexico website. The same flights were substantially cheaper. Using the same flights and the same ticket level, I booked with AeroMexico for C$787.84. The fare if I had booked through WestJet was C$1946.76.

WestJet has a flight with better connections on November 6, but I have no confidence that it would not cancel that flight before the day arrives.

Consumer business, like most relationships requires some level of trust. I am losing trust in WestJet. I hope they survive and resume reliable service to Zihuatanejo, but they will have to regain my trust.


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