Trip Report 8/15 - 9/6

by kathyMN @, Saint Francis, Minnesota, Friday, September 18, 2020, 16:33 (34 days ago)

After several flight changes and cancellations, we finally managed to make it down for three weeks. I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of the airlines (Delta and AeroMexico) and was also super impressed by the courteous behavior of our fellow travelers.

During our stay in Ixtapa, we went to several restaurants and managed to get to most of our favorites. A few were closed. We sure hope they re-open when things return to normal. The process was similar at most restaurants. For example, At Deborah’s we were greeted with a temperature check, hand sanitizer, and some mats where you clean off your shoes. Tables were separated and were not set until we were seated. There is one large menu in most places. Everything that we had was delicious as usual. We dined mostly in Ixtapa, but we did make it to La Porteña in Zihuatenajo one evening. Everything on their menu is soooooo good! We wanted to see the new pier but it started to rain very hard and did not stop. We will try again next time. We did not make it to Any’s for tamales this time around either and I am craving them big time.

We shopped at Mega and Sam’s. They were using the same process as the restaurants, but Sam’s would only allow shoppers in the door if everyone had their own membership card. My husband had to wait outside since he left his card back at home. We will remember to bring both cards next time. We used several taxis. The drivers always wore their masks.

I was very happy to see most of the regular walkers on the beach each morning. Always great to see so many familiar faces! We were able to enjoy the beach on most days (weather permitting), with seating on the beach increasing as we neared the end of our stay.

The massage huts had limited operations/capacity and were often empty. I go to the same person while there and felt very comfortable going to her despite the inability to distance. The massage huts had hand sanitizer and the massage therapists wore masks at all times.

We did a lot of biking and noticed that the trails were busier than usual. I guess a lot of people have taken up biking during the pandemic. I often saw bikers and walkers with masks, which was a surprise in the heat and humidity. We made it out to Playa Linda and checked out the areas that had been washed out by Hernan. Only saw one croc and lots of water flowing in. It was also cool to see the waterfall in Ixtapa, but not so cool to see some of the trees that came down during the storm.

The artisan market in Ixtapa was open, but with restricted hours. We made a special effort to make several purchases with some of the smaller shops that were open in town. We will do the same on the next trip. I did not see the small children that usually sell trinkets on this trip.

I have absolutely zero hesitation about returning, so we booked our flights for November. I can’t wait to return. We had a wonderful time as usual, even though circumstances are anything but usual. My countdown clock is set. Eight weeks and one day to go. Can’t come soon enough.

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