Demand isn't there

by Ironwood @, Friday, September 18, 2020, 17:18 (34 days ago) @ Oeste Hermoso

Another article I read explained the airlines dilemma:

In order to be competitive, they have to offer lots of flights to lots of destinations, well in advance, without knowing what the public response will be. When bookings fail to materialize and they've sold too few tickets to make the flights profitable, they have no alternative but to cancel them and, if possible, to consolidate several flights into one.

Since Canadians are clearly reluctant to fly, the result has been, and likely will continue to be, cancellation of hundreds of flights every month.

This becomes a vicious circle: travelers leery of flying in the first place are reluctant to book if there's a very good chance the flight will be cancelled or changed a half-dozen times before scheduled departure.

Add the airlines' regrettable refusal to give full refunds for cancelled flights, instead of vouchers for future flights, and it's little wonder that so many have decided to stay home.

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