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As of today Zihuatanejo has registered a cumulative total of 1,187 confirmed cases of Covid-19, 84 that resulted in fatalities, 24 that are currently active, and 1,007 that have recovered.

Last evening there were quite a lot of people downtown at the restaurants and bars as well as in the zócalo. Apparently so many that the local government thought an intentional blackout downtown was a good idea, but I'm getting ahead of myself...

Having lived here during times when most people used kerosene lamps at night and electricity was very unreliable, Lupita and I simply lit a candle and enjoyed the sound of the waves while all the people and cars streamed out of the area. About an hour later the lights came on for about 2 minutes then went back off. Shortly afterward we heard a megaphone from an official vehicle, police or Guardia Nacional, saying to "sigan la ruta de evacuación, por favor, y escucha al radio o a la televisión por más información".

First time in our lives Lupita and I had ever heard such an alarming warning. ¿Qué estaba pasando?

Well since we didn't have electricity we couldn't listen to the radio or TV and neither could anyone else. Neighbors were shouting to one another trying to find out what was happening. Nobody knew what was going on, but we had all heard the warning repeated several times by then. The people leaving the downtown area were STILL streaming out over an hour after the blackout began, and none of them had any more information than we did. Calling 911 was its usual joke. No, they didn't know what was going on. Not a clue. They aren't even located in Zihuatanejo. Everyone is by then thinking it must be a tsunami, but no news or information on our apps or Facebook or any news source. Neighbors are getting frantic, some had lodgings with guests. Lupita and I had both dressed for battle, I had a headlamp on and Lupita had our bag of documents we have ready for emergencies, and we were about to head out the door when I was finally able to contact Protección Civil.

Protección Civil said there was no tsunami or any emergency of any kind. That the government had simply used the ruse because they determined there were too many people downtown in the area of the zócalo. Now I'm not positive the blackout was intentional, but it sure seemed to be, and it fit the "logic" of the information I had been told. The panic and inconvenience caused to downtown residents and to restaurants operating legitimately who lost their customers was all caused because the city decided there were too many Covidiots in the zócalo. But then why did they decorate the zócalo for a big party during a health contingency if they didn't want there to be one? Whatever the totality of the events were, whether the blackout was intentional or not, this was totally unacceptable behavior by public officials. Someone needs to lose their job over this.

After about another hour of blackout, the lights finally came back on, and sure enough there was still one bar, el bar de la mala muerte, that was immediately open and blaring music. ¡Uffff!

You can find emergency phone numbers here on my website. A handy webpage to have access to.
Phone Information

Mild weather has arrived as predicted.

Do stupid things, win STUPID PRIZES!

I applaud your "Guardia Nacional"

Our president should be charged with murder for "rallies"

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