"Enthralling, uplifting, harrowing, and heartbreaking."

by Eric Bullard, Wednesday, September 30, 2020, 14:38 (28 days ago) @ Padrino

My most heartfelt thanks to you, Padrino, for you support! As a fledgling author, I need all the help I can get, and your support and kind words really bolstered my spirit. I even put your quote on the reviews section of my page for, "ZIHUATANEJO, a true story of exile, love, war, and murder south of the border."
And, like I said before, if you want more of the same, my first book, "THE ASHRAM, a true story of enlightenment and the dark night of the soul," will more than fulfill your desires. It is actually the far better of the two books! Half the book takes place in a Hindu ashram where I experienced an incredible series of spiritual experiences that rocked my world and the second half of the book takes place 10 years later as I was backpacking through the leftover wreckage of the 50 years long Guatemalan Civil War. Also, if you are interested, next week I will begin to put some interviews on my webpage at:ericbullard.com. where I go more into detail about the set of incredible spiritual experiences I had while living seven years in the ashram studying ayurveda and deep meditation techniques. There is SO MUCH MORE to this thing of being a human being living in the relative world than we could ever, ever imagine and I was so lucky to get a very clear and precise experience of what is really available to us all once we escape the tethers of illusion that surround us all.
PEACE, LOVE, and LAUGHTER to you, my friend, Eric

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