by midalake @, Thursday, October 01, 2020, 09:48 (21 days ago) @ Zumba

What restaurants etc are open? Is Ixtapa following guidelines for Covid ? I want to come back but am scared that precautions are not being taken

I can help with some of your concerns. My cousin who lives full time in Ixtapa tells me that they are living just like we do. Mask compliance is high, and they have done some dining out but I do not personally know what is open or closed.

I think there is a significant risk with dining out and the CDC is showing this to be true. It will be mitigated some due to outdoor and open air dining but there is still close contact involved.

The BIG WILD CARD Getting there! Airports and planes are petri dishes and break ALL social distance rules! I truly believe once there, SMART living can put you at a low risk to exposure!


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