Adios Amigo Lorenzo Marbut

by connie, Thursday, October 01, 2020, 21:50 (19 days ago) @ ladybug

He was an exceptional human being. I first met him at a Board Party at Daniel's in February 2002, when we were all still reeling from Sept. 11. Each year since then, it was always a joy to see him again, doing so much for the kids of Zihua through his work with Sailfest and more.

My favorite Lorenzo story happened a few years ago when Sailfest was having an event at El Pueblito. After buying a rosary from a local village girl that had made it, I was sharing a smoke with Lorenzo and said, "I've never bought a rosary in my life, not being Catholic, but my dear mother-in-law is and I bought if for her". His immediate response was, "Insurance"!!!! I think he has that kind of "insurance" now!!!!!!

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