Trip Report Part 2

by Pacific Princess, West, Sunday, October 04, 2020, 17:49 (24 days ago) @ Saskbrian

After a short stay in Canada (3 months), I finally made it back. This trip was a milk run but I was happy to get it anyway. The trip home was a waiting game (8 cancellations) This time was only 3 cancellations The Westjet flights were about 1/3 full ,everyone had their own row. The Aero Mexico flights were a different story Jam packed full Total stops 3 (16 hrs.) Still glad to be back.

Hola, did you fly WestJet part way down, use WestJet and fly with aeromexico partner?
How did you fly back to Zihua and when did you arrive? Westjet--- cancelled our October 31 flight, but we rebooked from Abbotsford November 14. I've been advised they will know which flights will be cancelled again by mid October. Thinking I might just book with Aeromexico directly. Salud and Gracias for your feedback.

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