Trip Report Part 2

by cd69 @, Winnipeg,MB,Canada, Tuesday, October 06, 2020, 21:10 (14 days ago) @ hromero

Thanks for the info! The official amount of deaths for the region is worrisome at 93 already. I sure hope the 2.5x you mentioned does not apply to the Zihua region. It would not be surprising to see the numbers going down in August as it was rather quiet around Zihua at that time compared to previous years. Now we hear there has been a 30% cancelation of bookings for the fall/winter season due to the covid19 issue and many are sitting on the fence, looking a tthe numbers and the issue of the traveling risks. Hence why proper info on numbers are important for making an educated decision. I am one hoping to be able to come back this winter and have a lot of folks asking me privately what my opinion is and I would not recommend going at the moment based on the current situation. Zihua is certainly not the worst place to be to stay safe from this virus but to get there is another story and at the moment, being in airports and planes is not recommended. The issue of quarantine upon your return will certainly be an issue for many. And many of my friends in Zihua are worried about where the tourists are coming from as many places do not have covid under control and will likely be bringing more cases to Zihua. Until a vaccine is available, it sure is a gamble for most...

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