Worry to Death

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Wednesday, October 07, 2020, 19:15 (21 days ago) @ Lilyana

Thank you IslandGirl for your diligence in sharing this information which is published here in BC on a regular basis. This valuable information is crucial to people thinking of returning to Zihua and other destinations this winter and will inform their decisions.

Presenting the cavalier attitude of living life without fear in the face of Covid-19 is foolish and resonates the same message that Trump is trying to pass off to the masses at this very time where he is possibly fighting for his life. This is especially dangerous to the demographic who do spend time in Zihua (older, retired, with pre-existing morbidities) who may choose to stay home this winter based on these reports.

I believe you are misreading my comments and I assure you no message of mine resembles anything of that national disgrace in the USA, an offensive comparison I reject and resent. My comments are most certainly NOT "cavalier" and I would appreciate more respect for my efforts to keep you informed. There is such a thing as worrying too much to the extent of causing oneself psychological and physical illness, and my attempt at lightheartedly reminding people of that does not merit the criticism I've received from you and cd69.

Again, I remind you there are people of your demographic traveling daily on buses, trains and planes BECAUSE THEY MUST and they are not getting ill because they observe basic sanitary protocols. This is not a "cavalier" attitude, it is a realistic one, the everyday life of MOST OF THE WORLD.

Si digo que el burro es pardo es porque tengo los pelos en mi mano.

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