Bad news from Air Canada

by Ironwood @, Friday, October 09, 2020, 15:39 (20 days ago) @ Mag B

This is good news but on the other side, airline companies are still cancelling flights :-( . Our flight from Toronto to ZIH on December 12th with Air Canada has been cancelled yesterday. We rescheduled with AeroMexico (from Montreal with a transfer in Mexico City). We hope it is a better plan. If not, my husband is considering driving From Montreal to ZIH ... Nothing will stop him ;-)

He's certainly not driving down if the borders remain closed.
Flying, maybe. Driving? No. The announcement on whether the border-closing will be extended beyond 21 October should be made in another week or so. With the increase in new cases in both Canada and the US, my bet is the closure will be extended for at least another month.

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