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by Mexalberta @, Saturday, October 10, 2020, 10:58 (15 days ago) @ Craig AKA the cruise ship guy

Be there in 2 weeks. Return flight got canceled so I have to stay an extra day. Canadians can’t come due to the 14 day they would be stuck at home on the return so they like to tell all us Americans how wrong we are for traveling. Guess it makes them feel better. Flown to Cabo at the end of June and driven to Reno 3 times during this shit. I’ll report back early November, if you don’t hear from me then you can assume I was full of shit and COVID got me. These Canadian’s that think we are so wrong should stay away from any vaccine that us Americans come up with. So funny that some believe they are so superior by staying home and hiding. What are you doing to help our poor Mexican friends? We have been giving our unused travel money(wife’s work restricted us for a while) to charities and a special family in Mexico. Hiding under a rock is not going to save Mexico. We created this economy by traveling there and now need to support it while we cannot, otherwise there won’t be much to come back to. Don’t listen to me as I’m a Republican so everything that goes wrong is my fault. Just trying to keep America great!:stirpot:

Thank you for your confession. You and your like minded friends are the reason there were 57000 cases reported today in The United States Of America.
You are being very successful at remaining number 1. A position no one else wants.
I don't have a Make America Great Hat

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