So selfish

by midalake @, Sunday, October 11, 2020, 04:38 (10 days ago) @ Ironwood
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Who is it that seems to believe “they are so superior”?

I don’t understand the benefit of apparently attempting to deliberately offend.

As much as I dislike them, I'll have to give you a :megusta:

If Craig AKA the cruise ship guy is so damned brave, he'll live up to his name and book a floating Petri dish for his next trip to Zihua.

Lets FACE reality! America's COVID19 numbers are THE WORST of any modern country.
AGAIN, WE as a collective society have FAILED. THE human and financial cost will be much higher for our inability to follow instructions. Not only for the United States but the world.
It is clearly greed and selfishness, combined with education and lack of morals. Sprinkle in complete lack of federal leadership.

ALL of this happening while my Governor of the great state of Michigan was almost kidnapped. 2020 can't end F-ing fast enough.

VOTE like your life depends on it!


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