So selfish

by nicatnit, Sunday, October 11, 2020, 09:02 (10 days ago) @ midalake

Yes...let’s face Reality. The US is testing more than any other nation in the world and as a result the case fatality rates have dropped substantially. So your statement is false. Is the Covid virus bad? Yes but it’s bad everywhere. But at least the US has the testing and vaccine development to help end the nance that Covid has become.

But let’s add a little perspective. There is a vulnerable segment of the population that’s needs to be protected, but to shut the entire population down, as done in the Great State of Michigan, where I also reside is stupid. Hence why Governor Whitmer is so controversial.

And the “Kidnap Attempt?!”, This has been known since June by the FBI. So spare me the drama. Though she didn’t waste another opportunity to slam the President. She had her statement ready, a true politician she is. Thank goodness the Michigan Supreme Court finally reigned her in. What a power monger.

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