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by Ironwood @, Sunday, October 11, 2020, 13:54 (14 days ago) @ el vagabundo

Cover coverage is obtainable but so far the limits per person seem to be around $200,000.

....and many travel advisers are commenting that the COVID policies the airlines are including "for free" are too restrictive, both in the amount of coverage (yes, generally $200,000) and time limitations (21 days max?). Twenty-one days coverage isn't much use to Zihua long-termers.

(That $200,000 limit will buy you a fancy bedpan or two in the dog-eat-dog US healthcare system, but I digress).

The biggest problem for all foreign travellers is contracting COVID while away. How do you get home? The airlines won't let you board if you have any symptoms. Those depending on their insurance policies to fly them home are, IMHO, dreaming. If you can't board a flight, and the "medivac" coverage you thought you had doesn't pan out, then what?
For Canadians, the current mandatory 14 day quarantine on return presents many difficulties beyond the fact that it virtually prevents anyone still employed from travelling.
In our case, we have to fly from our small city to a gateway city....either Calgary or Vancouver. So, what happens on returning from Mexico to either of those cities? Can we stay in a hotel there overnight, waiting for our next-day flight to our regional airport? Back in March, when we flew home to Vancouver, our Vancouver hotel had suspended its airport shuttle service. Obviously, we took a cab. How about now? Would quarantine regulations allow us to take a taxi from the airport to a Vancouver (or Calgary) hotel, to stay overnight, and another taxi back to the airport the next day, for the flight to the airport closest to our home? Assuming we get back that far, how about the 45 minute drive to our home? Are shuttle services working? Would quarantine regulations even allow us to take a shuttle service?
So many unknowns, and I wouldn't even know how or where to find answers.

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