by qwerty @, Oregon, USA, Sunday, October 11, 2020, 15:57 (9 days ago) @ kjgco

30 states are experiencing test positivity rates above the CDC recommended threshold of 5%. 800-1000 people are dying daily, and that number is expected to rise as the weather turns colder. It sounds as though you are OK with both of those numbers, and we should just stay the course. Or perhaps you just don’t believe them?

We need more testing in the US, not less. If testing were more widespread and results were available more quickly, contact tracing would be easier and more effective. Here in Oregon you still need to have symptoms or known exposure to get tested, skewing the result high in terms of positivity percentage. I have found one possible place to get tested without the above two requirements, which is apparently part of a multi-state study. I need to travel to a country which requires a negative test from USA residents (one of only four countries that requirement applies to) so this has been an issue for me. Once there, we will need to quarantine at our accommodation for two weeks.

I am following all recommended guidelines and people in Portland, in general, are as well despite our reputation for independence and "lawlessness". Our numbers are bouncing around, and increasing, mostly due to localized outbreaks in workplaces
and congregate living facilities.

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