Canadians Health Insurance

by Ironwood @, Sunday, October 11, 2020, 18:11 (18 days ago) @ cd69

It is an important additional factor and everybody should look at their insurance to make sure they are covered and for how much. From what I have seen so far, the coverage is very low for what someone having a serious infection would require. In many cases you would not be able to fly and being on a ventilator requiring constant monitoring may be tricky. Zihua is not where you want to be if you are seriously sick.

That's what I was referring to, in my post above. Travel experts are suggesting $500,000 coverage as a minimum. Crazy, I know, but that's what they're saying.
We would love to have the luxury to "live life, don't hide in the darkness of fear" silly machismo promoted by some, but the thought of surviving COVID, only to be bankrupted in the process, does make one pause.

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