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by Lilyana @, Monday, October 12, 2020, 02:52 (46 days ago) @ Little Guy

Thank you Little Guy a thousand times for your very intelligent contribution to this banal thread that seems to be devolving into hate speech.

I've been accused of living in fear because I feel it would be taking a risk to travel by air not necessarily only because there could be Covid-19 infected people on some flights but also the possible exposure in airports, taxis, public washrooms, etc. I don't have any health issues that would predispose me to becoming very ill with the virus. When I'm in Zihua I enjoy the Mercado, the basketball court on Sunday evenings, dancing in the various clubs and eating in the restaurants. I can't imagine doing any of those things in these typically crowded places, especially having to wear a mask in the heat.

If the Canada-US border were open I would be driving down to Baja, Mexico this winter for a nice, long vacation and wouldn't mind having to quarantine for 2 weeks upon my return home. No fear, just common sense.

BTW Rob...I see you have learned a new word (cavalier) and you seem to like using it. Don't wear it out!

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