recent corona travels with a young dog.

by Casa Juan @, Monday, October 12, 2020, 21:38 (13 days ago)

I just completed a 5 flight, 53 hr trip with my dog from Central Alaska to Zihua. The difficulty of the trip was more impacted by AK Air's decision to saturate their west coast routes with Airbus jets they acquired from Virgin Air rather than virus considerations. My comments on the 5 flights and 6 airports we traveled are not scientific and are meant to be helpful to those considering traveling.

AS 156 FAI to SEA 70% full no temp testing prior to boarding
AS 444 SEA t0 LAX 80% full no testing, airport very busy like pre virus
AS 290 LA to Guadalajara 80% full no testing prior to boarding

Airport in Guadalajara busy but not crowded. more precautions here than in LA. Overnighted at Hotel Posada Margaritas in Tlaquepsque, Jalisco, a nice quiet spot to walk in shaded areas and plazas with lots of steet art

GDl TO mx cITY brought more testin a each step

More to come but Alaska Air does not need a another federai bqilout


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