Memoirs of Zihuatanejo

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Thank you so much, Eric, for replying, and for taking time to enlighten us about the process you went through with that decision!

I too am a devoted fan of Zihuatanejo, and like many others am finding great reward in creating my own collection of personal narratives as my elder years progress. Zihua is a touchstone for me and I hope to publish my experiences and impressions some day. For now, I'm assembling a blog to piece together my memoir. Great depth and healing there as you know.

The 'creative nonfiction' of the incident in Todos Santos was indeed an excellent closure to your story of this important segment of your life. In my studies of the writing craft I have learned there are times when conventions about "truthfulness" need to be re-imagined for the sake of the deeper story line.
I hope to finish up my autobiographical effort with an epilogue written from Playa La Ropa, but first I must figure out how and when to return...!

I'll be checking out your other book soon and wish you well.
John Deviny

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