annual flu shots

by Little Guy, Tuesday, October 13, 2020, 18:57 (12 days ago) @ Ironwood

I Googled for info on the high-dose vaccine, then called our local pharmacy. They said there was little demand for the high-dose, blaming the expense
($80 vs free for the regular stuff), as well as the minimal extra protection, citing studies that show 1.9% of those given the regular flu shot will still contract the virus, vs 1.4% of those receiving the high-dose. Put another way, that's 19 of every 1000 given the regular shot, versus 14 of every 1000 getting the high-dose.

I'm in British Columbia. I was on a wait list for the Fluzone high dose. I received a call from the pharmacy yesterday telling me that all available Fluzone was being directed to seniors' care facilities.

I'll be getting the regular vaccine instead.

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