annual flu shots

by Ironwood @, Wednesday, October 14, 2020, 01:13 (7 days ago) @ Little Guy

I Googled for info on the high-dose vaccine, then called our local pharmacy. They said there was little demand for the high-dose, blaming the expense
($80 vs free for the regular stuff), as well as the minimal extra protection, citing studies that show 1.9% of those given the regular flu shot will still contract the virus, vs 1.4% of those receiving the high-dose. Put another way, that's 19 of every 1000 given the regular shot, versus 14 of every 1000 getting the high-dose.

I'm in British Columbia. I was on a wait list for the Fluzone high dose. I received a call from the pharmacy yesterday telling me that all available Fluzone was being directed to seniors' care facilities.

I'll be getting the regular vaccine instead.

My BC pharmacist said he didn't plan to order any, since it was so expensive that he doubted there'd be much demand, and the additional protection was minimal, compared to the extra cost.

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