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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Wednesday, October 14, 2020, 18:05 (44 days ago) @ Ironwood

No offence intended to yourself or Midalake(?) but I'm not looking for political statements, I'm looking for actual information regarding where to get best treatment in Zihua should I catch Covid while there.

I think you should read my first post. If remdesivir is not available in ZIH, and it is not . What kind of care and treatment do you think you could even get?
My guess is you already know the answer.


Dave, you really shouldn’t make claims based on your own bias. Unless you’ve consulted with the hospital administrator, you can’t don’t know what’s available and what isn’t. Comments based on bias aren’t helpful.

Maybe you can help then and have the hospital administrator respond. Until then I will stick to the facts.
BTW, I have been in the General Hosp., there is no way in hell I am ever going there.

News that Hospital Especialidades and other private clinics....the very health care providers that most NOB tourists would automatically assume they would go to, if confronted with the virus.....are not accepting COVID patients, is certainly a "wake-up call".
I seem to recall a quote a couple of years ago, by an influential local who shall be un-named, saying that Zihua's public hospital is where you go if you want to die quickest. Perhaps he was just joking.

Thank you all for the expected somewhat snobbish NOB POV. We have what we have, and those of us who depend on it make do with what we have. You are all of course very welcome to vacation somewhere else where they have better hospitals. I'm not here to sell you a damn thing. Sorry that what's good enough for us isn't good enough for you, but that's your choice. I hear Miami has excellent hospitals. This is definitely not a place to be sick or if you think you'll need modern health care. I can only wonder what you thought you were doing visiting such a backwards place like Zihuatanejo with such primitive unacceptable health care. Hope you enjoyed your visits.

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