by jay @, Sunday, October 18, 2020, 17:51 (40 days ago) @ Chas

Obama and Biden may have messed up the response to H1N1 but they learned from their mistakes. They put together a Pandemic Response Team, overhauled the CDC, embedded CDC members in China as an early warning system (with Chinese cooperation), and wrote a substantial playbook on how to handle a pandemic. Trump, naturally, had to be the anti-Obama and dismantled all of that - disbanded the Pandemic Response Team, filled the CDC with political toadies, and ignored the response playbook, all with disastrous results. In fact it's clear now that Trump has given up any attempt to deal with this crisis. Just let it rage until the whole country is infected, with millions dead. I seriously doubt that he cares. And you think that Biden could do worse? I'm hard pressed to imagine how he could do worse than doing nothing. The difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Ds listen to experts and learn from their mistakes and Rs don't.

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